"May all who enter as guests, leave as friends."

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     The building that we call our studio is rich in family history spanning several generations. Our building was created back in 1910 by the Mauro brothers. They built the barn by hand, clearing rocks from the back field and creating a structure that has remained solid for over 100 years.

     The old dairy barn was home to more than a dozen cows, several chickens and even a small winery. The building remains in the Mauro family and is currently owned by Carol Mauro Bloem, granddaughter of the late Eugenio Mauro.

We consider everyone who works in our building a member of our family and when you step across our threshhold you will be welcomed into our community, our family as one of our own.We have a long list of dedicated instructors and specialists who work together to help our students and clients reap the benefits from everything we have to offer. We encourage our students to embrace their starting point,  relinquish comparison and self-judgment, and to choose strength and self worth. We strive to meet each client's individual needs as we guide them on their wellness journey.