We feel that everyone deserves to attend our yoga classes regardless of what is going on in their life. 

We have established (or clarified) the following Policies to make sure everyone can attend Yoga.

Class Arrival Policy

Unlike many Yoga Studios, we do NOT lock the doors once class begins. We feel that usually the students who arrive late are the ones that may need the Yoga the most!

However, we also ask that if you arrive late, please be mindful and respectful of those who have already settled in to their practice.

Class Passes Policy (effective September 1, 2017)

Class passes are non-transferable. Guests are always welcome to take yoga classes and pay the drop in price of $20

Are you a frequent guest? Consider purchasing a class pass!

FREE Birthday Passes are also non-transferable. Free Birthday Passes are only valid to students with current monthly memberships or class passes.

Class Pass Expiration Dates

Effective July 1, 2018, we will be placing expiration dates on our class passes.  As a way to encourage you to make full use of your pass, passes purchased after July 1, 2018 will have expiration dates of one year from date of purchase.

Health/Medical Issues

If you have a health or medical issue that prevents you from attending yoga, please call or email Beth and we can discuss membership option extensions.